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Solar Repair Services are experts in solar panel maintenance and repairs. We offer excellent advice to ensure that your solar panel investment is protected and your solar panel system achieves its full potential. Our solar panel engineers has been working within the solar industry for over 7 years and we currently maintain a portfolio of over 7 Megawatts of commercial rooftop installations ranging from 11-250kWp.

We have a No Fix No Fee policy therefore, you can ensure that you will not be paying for nothing!  Solar Repair Services will provide you with the best solutions to resolve any solar panel faults including; checking for solar inverter warranties before charging you for a new one. We also provide a 3 month workmanship warranty. This helps you to gain peace of mind that our work is completed to the best standards to ensure the longevity of your solar panel installation

Domestic PV maintenance plans from £12 month. Keep your system generating!

Solar Panel Maintenance

Our Free quotes and No Fix No Fee policy will see you right!

Solar System not generating?

We can check your inverter warranty to see if you can get a free replacement!

Faulty Solar Inverters

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Check your Inverter warranty before purchasing a new one!

Solar PV inverters usually come with a 5 year warranty. These warranties are manufacturer backed that means that even if the original installer doesn’t exist your warranty could still be valid and it's simple to check. If you have the inverter make model and serial as well as a fault code Solar Repair Services can check this for you.

Don’t be fooled into buying a new inverter. Check your installation date, if the inverter is under 5 years old and the manufacturer is still in business the likelihood is that your inverter is covered.

Solar Inverter Repairs

Domestic Maintenance Contracts From £150 per year

Solar Maintenance Contracts