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Solar Repair Services are experts in repairs and maintenance of solar panel systems. We work with different types of systems and sizes everyday. Our current solar portfolio is managed to ensure strict target performances are met. Our dedicated team of engineers will ensure that you receive a high standard of service, and we aim to respond quickly to all enquiries.

To ensure your solar panel system continues to operate at its best we recommend that you check out our Solar Panel Maintenance Contracts!

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Smashed Solar Panel that is being replaced.

Smashed Solar Panel being replaced.

What to look out for on your solar panel systems.

Spotting the problems early is key.

Do you suspect you have a problem with your solar panel system?

Has your FIT provider informed you there may be a problem?

Here are a few hints and tips so you can check your PV system to see if you have any obvious problems. There are not many things that can go wrong with a solar panel installation but if a system does develop a fault it could go unnoticed for sometime which will cost you lost generation and ultimately lost revenue. In the long run it pays to keep an eye on your system!

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are usually inaccessible due to their usual location, they may also not be visible. If this is the case, do not attempt to get to them. There are other ways to check whether your system is working.

If your Panels are visible Check their condition, Smashed and broken panels will need to be replaced, also if there are dirty you should get them cleaned. Also, look out for any movement of the solar panels, they can slip if they haven’t been tightened properly.

Solar Inverters

A Solar inverter converts generated power from the solar panels on the roof to usable power within the house. They also constantly monitor the circuit to ensure the system is fault free. If the solar inverter detects a fault it will stop the solar system from generating any electricity. Usually an inverter has a display screen which will help identify the status of the system, i.e. What it is generating or whether there is a fault.

Q. My Inverter in not accessible

A. Sometimes the solar inverter is not accessible to you as it may be in the loft etc, if this is the case we wouldn’t recommend you try access it, you can try another one of our checks or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Q. I am at my inverter what should I check?

A. If your inverter is accessible check the display screen. Does it state the system is generating? Is there a total amount of W or kW which is changing from time to time? If so, but you believe your system is still not working properly we would advice you give us a call.

Q. My Inverter Doesn’t have a display screen, what can I do?

A. If there is no display screen then your inverter should have lights on the front which show its status, typically flashing green means the inverters is preparing to start (Usually in the AM or, after a power cut etc) If there is a constant green light then this may mean the inverter is generating. Red or sometimes orange lights may indicate a fault.

Q. My Inverter is not generating and displaying a message/code, what should I do?

A. In this instance I would recommend you give us a call or an email. Usually this means there is a problem that needs to be fixed. A fault code description can usually be found in the inverter manual. This could be beneficial to know, as some fault code will confirm what the exact fault is and therefore a quote can be obtained instantly rather than having to wait for a visit. If you have found a fault with your system we recommend you switch off the power from all the isolators in the vicinity to ensure the system is safe. Also, only allowed qualified and experience personnel to work on the system.

Generation Meter

The easiest and quickest way to check whether you solar system is working is by checking your generation meter. Take daily/weekly readings, these readings should increase each day, if the readings are the same then your system is not working.

During the day you will see a blinking red light, this is an indication your system is working. A solid red light during the day is a bad sign.

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